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October 2013 Archives

Woman's request for custody of former partner's child dismissed

In states, such as Illinois, that do not recognize same-sex marriage, separating, particularly in cases where there are children involved, can be difficult for gay and lesbian couples. Even if the intent when a child was conceived or adopted was to raise him or her together, without legally binding agreements, one parent or the other may find themselves with no parental rights for a child who they love and helped to raise.

Timbaland's wife requests lump sum alimony payment

Throughout the course of a marriage, both spouses typically become accustomed to a particular standard of living and lifestyle. In the event of a divorce, especially in cases where one spouse is the primary breadwinner, it is not uncommon for a spouse who makes significantly less, or stays at home, to ask for alimony or some other type of spousal maintenance. Depending on the situation, alimony may be awarded for life, until the spouse receiving it remarries or for a pre-specified length of time.

Jermaine Jackson has wages garnished for not paying child support

When a family law court in Lake County, or elsewhere, orders child support, the parent for whom it was ordered is not just expected to pay, but is legally obligated. In the event he or she falls behind, the custodial parent could choose to take legal action in order to enforce the child support order and get what they are owed.

Hip-Hop star, Big Boi and wife headed for divorce after 12 years

Married couples in Lake County, and all over the U.S., may for one reason or another reach a point where they feel they can no longer stay together and decide to divorce. When this happens, whether it is a high asset divorce, one involving extensive debt or something in between, there are numerous details that must be worked out before the divorce can be finalized.

Jamie McCourt's request to adjust divorce settlement denied

Readers in Lake County are likely aware that, when a couple divorces, there are details that must be sorted through and settled upon in order to legally end the marriage, including the division of assets and property obtained during the marriage. In addition to other factors, when dividing marital property, a judge will often utilize the total value of a couple’s resources and assets in order to determine an equitable settlement.