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Caring, Attentive Divorce And Family Lawyers

Any legal issue involving the family can be stressful. A lawyer needs not only experience and skill, but also the willingness to treat clients with the compassion and attention they need.

The attorneys of Kulinsky & Associates Ltd, have more than 20 years of combined experience and a commitment to providing the close, personal service that you need to get through this difficult time. To learn more about our family law services and how we can help you, contact us online. We provide free, half-hour consultations to new clients.

Experience In Divorce And All Other Areas Of Family Law

Our experienced lawyers provide representation in all areas of family law, including:

  • Divorce: We can handle all aspects of your divorce, from property and support issues to the allocation of parental responsibilities. We are well-versed in dividing complex marital assets in high-end divorces, including business valuation and the location of hidden assets and unreported income.
  • Divorce with military issues: When one or both spouses serve in the military, divorce often involves complexities such as a party being reassigned outside of Illinois. We can assist with resolving your divorce-related issues quickly and cost-efficiently.
  • Issues involving children: From child custody and visitation (allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time) to child support, we can help you develop a parenting plan that meets the unique needs of your family. We also assist clients with issues of paternity and legal parentage.
  • Changing or enforcing decrees and orders: Whether you need to modify an existing alimony agreement, post-high school educational expense order or a child support order, we can help you change a court order after a divorce.
  • Family law mediation: Traditional litigation is not right for everyone. Family law mediation allows disputing parties to work together to reach solutions to disagreements regarding divorce, child custody and other sensitive matters.
  • Prenups and postnups: A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can help you stay in control of your property and protect your assets. Our attorneys can negotiate and draft an agreement that is custom-tailored to your needs.
  • Creation and dissolution of civil unions: We can help you handle the tax and estate planning issues and protect your rights as you enter into or dissolve a civil union.
  • Guardianship over special needs children: If you have a special needs child, we can assist you in securing guardianship so you can continue to provide the care and support your child needs into the future.
  • Fathers’ rights: We understand that fathers sometimes feel as if the deck is stacked against them in divorce proceedings. We work hard to protect the rights of fathers with all family law issues, including alimony, child custody and child support.
  • Domestic violence: At our firm, we are dedicated to helping victims of family violence and to defending anyone falsely accused of abusing a spouse or child. We can help you obtain or defend against orders of protection and restraining orders, and we will work to protect you and your family.
  • Juvenile discipline and delinquency law: If your child has been acting out and getting in trouble during your divorce, we can provide compassionate legal defense to juvenile crimes and disciplinary actions at school and in court.

Our website is filled with useful information for people involved in family law matters, including our Family Law FAQs page and many family law articles written by our attorneys.

Reasonable Rates And Payment Options

We understand that few people going through family law issues can afford exorbitant legal fees. We can help you keep your expenses down by taking a team approach to your case. Simple matters can be delegated to lawyers at our firm who charge lower hourly rates, while the more challenging aspects of your case can be handled by Jeff Kulinsky himself.

Our team approach also enables us to provide the best possible client service. If you have a question and your main lawyer is unavailable, another lawyer who is familiar with your case will be able to help. You deserve prompt responses to all your questions.

Contact Us Now For Your Free, Half-Hour Initial Consultation

Contact us to speak with one of our attorneys about divorce or any family law issue. We are happy to provide free, half-hour initial consultations to new clients. Our main office is in Wheeling, and we also have an office in Libertyville and in Buffalo Grove for your convenience. We serve clients throughout greater Chicago and the suburban Chicago area throughout Lake, Cook, McHenry and DuPage counties.