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Understanding Child Support In Illinois

Child support may seem fairly straightforward, but it is actually one of the most hotly contested issues in many divorce and paternity cases. At Kulinsky & Associates Ltd, we have more than 20 years of combined experience helping Illinois residents with child support arrangements. Our goal is to see that the right amount of money changes hands so your child has the necessary financial support.

Our fees can be paid with credit cards or through an installment plan. We believe that you will find them affordable, because we work as a team to maximize every dollar.

Illinois’ Child Support Guidelines: The Income Shares Model

Illinois tries to provide an even and fair burden for child care. When parents live separately, this results in trying to account for many different elements. To begin, Illinois courts use what’s called an “income shares model,” a system that compares parents’ income and parenting time and applies a formula to determine child support payments. This policy considers:

  • Gross income of both parents
  • Existing tax burdens
  • Amount of time spent with the child over 146 nights/year
  • Benefits and income that parents receive through public assistance or other family law arrangements
  • Exceptional physical or emotional needs

Child support is not tax-deductible by the person paying it, and the person receiving it does not pay taxes on it. The recipient has the right to be paid through a notice for withholding with the payer’s employer. Child support is then automatically deducted from the person’s paycheck.

Unallocated Family Support

Unallocated family support combines child support and alimony, also known as spousal maintenance. For judgments for dissolution of marriage entered after January 1, 2019, unallocated family support will no longer be an option. However, unallocated family support will remain tax-deductible by the payor and tax-includable in the recipient’s income for divorce judgments entered before this time. Our attorneys can advise you further about how the new tax laws affect your situation.

Child Support Modification And Enforcement

Our lawyers handle all post-decree matters. If you need assistance changing child support arrangements because of a change in circumstances, we can help. We can also assist with child support enforcement law.

Learn more about child support by reviewing the resources offered on this website, including our family law FAQs and many family law articles written by our attorneys.

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