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Hip-Hop star, Big Boi and wife headed for divorce after 12 years

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2013 | High Asset Divorce |

Married couples in Lake County, and all over the U.S., may for one reason or another reach a point where they feel they can no longer stay together and decide to divorce. When this happens, whether it is a high asset divorce, one involving extensive debt or something in between, there are numerous details that must be worked out before the divorce can be finalized.

After almost 12 years of marriage, Antwon A. Patton, best known as Big Boi of the hip-hop group Outkast, is reportedly headed for divorce. Patton’s estranged wife reportedly filed the complaint recently, describing her marriage as broken beyond repair. There were no specifics given, however, regarding what caused the break down. According to reports, the high-profile couple had been living apart prior to the filing, but it was not disclosed for how long.

It was not reported whether or not the couple had a prenuptial agreement, but Mrs. Patton reportedly asked for an equitable division of their assets and properties. In addition, she has also asked for her Grammy award winning husband to pay alimony and child support for their 12-year-old, for whom she requested to be granted sole custody. The couple also shares an 18-year-old. It remains unknown to the public at this time whether Patton plans to contest his soon to be ex-wife’s requests.

No matter what the size of your bank accounts or your social status, if you are considering divorce, or if your spouse has already filed, it may be important to seek legal counsel. An attorney will look out for your interests throughout the divorce process and can address any concerns that may arise.

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