Attorneys jeff kulinsky and Vimal J. Kottukapally

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Attorneys jeff kulinsky and Vimal J. Kottukapally
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Effective Advocacy In High-End Divorces

A divorce involving complex assets and property interests requires the skill of a knowledgeable and experienced Illinois divorce attorney. At Kulinsky & Associates Ltd, our attorneys have more than 20 years of combined experience handling divorce for clients with high-value assets and business interests.

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Any divorce involving children requires careful consideration of parental responsibilities and parenting time (child custody and visitation) and determination of child support. In a high-end divorce, however, division of property is the issue that generally takes center stage.

Fair Valuation And Equitable Division Of Large And Complex Assets

At Kulinsky & Associates Ltd, we provide comprehensive divorce services for clients with all types of complex assets and financial interests, including:

  • Valuation of business assets: Whether you or your spouse owns a professional practice or you share a family business, you will need to assess the full and fair value of the business in your divorce. We consult business valuation experts to assess the accounts receivable, debts, good will and other business assets to assure their fair division.
  • Obtaining privacy protection orders: Oftentimes, there are others with an interest in the business who do not want their personal information released during your divorce. We can help you get a protective order to keep their personal information out of the public record. The court can require the information to be returned or destroyed after the value of the business has been established for the purpose of the divorce.
  • Searching for hidden assets: Some divorcing spouses do not fully disclose their income and assets during marital dissolution. Our attorneys are adept at the financial investigation required to reveal everything that could be eligible for division.
  • Dividing retirement assets: You have a right to your share of your and your spouse’s retirement savings. We can help you divide retirement assets such as annuities, 401(k) plans and pensions. Whether you need to have a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) drafted to assure payment in the future or need to buy out your spouse’s share of the retirement assets during your divorce, we can help you equitably value and divide your interests.
  • Evaluation of stock options: Vested stock options are subject to division in a divorce but often cannot be exercised until a future date. We will work to ensure that there is language in your divorce settlement outlining who will pay the taxes and how the stock options will be divided. We can also help you divide stock options during the divorce.
  • Determination of alimony: In many high-end divorces, there is a discrepancy between both spouses’ income and earning ability. We represent clients in negotiating spousal maintenance agreements that provide financial support in the future, whether it is in a lump sum or periodic payments.

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