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August 2013 Archives

401(k) is not off limits when negotiating property division

When a couple goes through a divorce in Lake County, it can be a difficult time, especially for a wife, who may have spent many years caring for the children and the household. When it comes to dividing marital property, it is important for women to understand what they can and cannot lay a claim to. This may take some research and the help of an independent financial expert, but women can receive a more equitable division by getting some basic education on marital property.

Judge rules Usher can keep custody of son after accident

When a Lake County couple with children divorce, it can lead to a series of legal battles where each parent feels he or she deserves to have custody of the children. Judges award custody to one parent over another based on what they feel is the right choice for the lives of the children involved in each situation. While the preferences of each parent may also be taken into account, one parent may be chosen and given primary custody of the children.

Proposed law would help women terminate rapists' parental rights

The agreements to be made surrounding legal custody, visitation rights and other related topics can be complex and vary from case to case. No two set of circumstances are identical and, therefore, what is deemed to be in the best interests of the child in one situation may not be so in another, even if some facts are similar. Laws regarding child custody work to help identify the best environment for all children but they do not prevent disputes between parents.

Parents can help children with feelings during divorce

Lake County divorcing parents have many critical factors to consider and determine as they navigate the often muddy waters of a divorce process and agreement. Appropriate division of assets and debts and spousal support allotments can be difficult to determine. When minor children are involved, the addition of child custody and child support only adds to the emotional list of things that parents must deal with. In such situations, it can be difficult but is nonetheless important to also remain focused on how to best help their children through the divorce as well.

Child support dispute brought to Chicago street

Child support agreements are commonly complex and include differing ideas on the part of both parents. Illinois child support guidelines are in place to help courts navigate the emotional components and work to find agreements that are in the best interests of the child or children. Child support is intended to cover all every day expenses involved with raising a child. This includes medical needs, extracurricular expenses, food, home, clothing and other such items. Even after court agreements, however, some parents still wish for more.