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Parents can help children with feelings during divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2013 | Child Support |

Lake County divorcing parents have many critical factors to consider and determine as they navigate the often muddy waters of a divorce process and agreement. Appropriate division of assets and debts and spousal support allotments can be difficult to determine. When minor children are involved, the addition of child custody and child support only adds to the emotional list of things that parents must deal with. In such situations, it can be difficult but is nonetheless important to also remain focused on how to best help their children through the divorce as well.

It is estimated that roughly 40 percent of American children will undergo a parental divorce. Studies abound as to the effects on children based upon their ages, genders, living circumstances and more. While parents cannot take away the divorce as an impact on their children, there is a great deal they can do to help children process it and work to create a positive life for them. Role modelling positive behavior and cooperation with the other parent are some examples.

It can also be very beneficial to children to let them know it is acceptable for them to talk to you or other adults about the divorce. Often times, children may be hesitant to share their thoughts or feelings. By having a parent give them permission to talk about it, a child can feel relieved and more at ease. Some children benefit from working with a therapist as a neutral party with which to discuss their thoughts during their parents’ divorce.

Putting the emotional needs of children at the forefront by setting positive behavior examples can help them greatly during a divorce. Working with an attorney can help with other divorce needs such as child support agreements.

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