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Judge rules Usher can keep custody of son after accident

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2013 | Child Custody |

When a Lake County couple with children divorce, it can lead to a series of legal battles where each parent feels he or she deserves to have custody of the children. Judges award custody to one parent over another based on what they feel is the right choice for the lives of the children involved in each situation. While the preferences of each parent may also be taken into account, one parent may be chosen and given primary custody of the children.

If a child is injured while staying with the parent who has primary custody, it can lead to another series of custody fights between the two people. One parent may claim the injury happened because the other left the child unsupervised, while the other may say it was an accident and not something that should lead to custody changes.

Musical artist Usher’s divorce has been in the headlines recently after his son had his hand caught in a pool drain; the father was not home at the time. The child reportedly, narrowly escaped death, and after the event, his mother brought the custody case back to court, naming the accident as a reason a judge should reconsider the arrangement. The judge decided to let Usher keep custody of their son, who is said to have left the hospital after his accident.

Divorced parents typically care about the safety of their children above all else, and should one of them have a serious accident when the child is in the other parent’s care, it can reignite a custody dispute. When someone is facing a lengthy custody battle, they may benefit from working with an experienced attorney.

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