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Maintaining a healthy separation between work and divorce

On Behalf of | May 8, 2019 | Divorce |

Most people find themselves in situations where they wish that they could put important matters on hold, at least for a short time. It’s possible that there is too much too address at once and that it seems everything needs immediate attention. That feeling can be especially common when managing business and a divorce simultaneously.

Over the years, you may have gotten to a point at which your company and its operations run like a well-oiled machine. You can almost anticipate every action that needs to take place and when, and you always feel prepared. However, a divorce may have thrown numerous aspects of your life off track, and now, you worry that your business will suffer.

Maintain healthy separation

Though a best-case scenario would allow you to keep your business matters and divorce matters completely separate from one another, that may not be what happens. You may end up having to miss work due to court dates or meetings with your attorney, and you may have to provide certain company-related information if business assets will play a role in property division proceedings.

Fortunately, you can still maintain a healthy separation of the two, even if not entirely separate. For instance, you may want to schedule in a specific time of day during which you will handle your divorce matters. Remembering that you are in control when it comes to answering calls and returning emails may help you lessen stress.

Maintain your privacy

While keeping office life and personal life separate could help you lessen stress, it could also help you maintain your privacy. In particular, you may want to avoid using your work email account to correspond with your attorney or others about your divorce matters because communicating on a corporate server does not ensure your privacy. Additionally, it is wise to make sure that you do not leave personal or confidential documents in plain sight in the office or forget them at a shared copier or printer.

It can certainly prove challenging to juggle your work life and personal life, and it may only become more difficult when a significant life change like divorce is taking place. Of course, you can seek help throughout your case from legal professionals in efforts to streamline the process as much as possible.


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