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Child support: Paying it should make a parent feel good

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Child Support |

Divorce can be expensive in many ways. For the parent who pays child support in Illinois, it can be especially so, but there are pluses to ensuring children are taken care of not only emotionally, but financially as well. That may mean that a noncustodial parent might be shelling out hundreds of dollars every month for his or her child or children, but instead of looking at it as something the custodial parent is doing to get back at his or her former spouse, it should be thought of as being in the best interests the children.

A parent who pays child support has every right to feel good about doing so. Even if the divorce process wasn’t easy to go through, now that child support has been established, complaining about the payment amount is inappropriate since the funds are earmarked for the children, not for the custodial parent. Children are used to a certain standard of living and it’s not their fault their parents have divorced. That standard of living should be equal to when their parents were still together.

It is true that there may be more financial burdens being divorced — likely two homes to upkeep, two or more vehicles, twice the amount of utility bills, but it was the parents’ decision to divorce, not their children’s decision. Complaining about having to pay child support is not healthy for the children who may think of themselves as burdens. When a parent who pays that support realizes that, he or she may start to think otherwise.

The law in Illinois is very clear about children and doing what’s in their best interests. Those parents who are divorced or divorcing may have many questions regarding the complexities of the law where child support is concerned. An attorney may be able to help clear up any misconceptions for his or her client.

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