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The role of counseling in a high asset divorce

Many Illinois spouses want to try couples counseling before they move forward with a divorce. Marriage counseling can be an effective way to save a relationship, and some couples experience a strengthened bond and renewed appreciation for one another as a result. However, some spouses avoid counseling based on fear that the therapist will suggest that the relationship cannot be saved, paving the way for a high asset divorce

The best way to enter couples counseling is by sitting down with the therapist and expressing one's concerns and hopes for how the process will work. If saving the marriage is a top priority, be clear about that from the very first meeting. If moving toward a divorce with dignity and respect for one another is the primary goal, communicate that clearly. 

A therapist is ultimately concerned with helping couples find a resolution that is in line with their needs. In some cases, that means navigating a divorce without the contention and strife that is so common. Working with a therapist can help spouses understand that while the marriage is not going to survive, both parties can focus on treating each other with kindness, and avoid a lengthy divorce process. 

Each Illinois spouse must decide if marriage counseling is the right path for their needs. For some, it can be a powerful tool to save a faltering marriage. For others, it can pave the way for a more collaborative high asset divorce, and help both parties move ahead without anger and resentment. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "Do Couples Therapists Ever Suggest Divorce?", Brittany Wong, April 2, 2018

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