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Apps that help you co-parent

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2016 | Co-Parenting |

If you are like many other divorced parents in Illinois, you may sometimes struggle with how to communicate with your former spouse. When these struggles involve finances, schedules and more related to your kids, the stress involved can become overwhelming. Additionally, when these conversations move into the realm of being arguments, the conflict that is bred is bad for parents and kids alike. How can you help to avoid these situations?

While there may be no magic bullet for making co-parenting after a divorce easy, there may be some tools that you can employ that can make a positive difference. In recent years, the Huffington Post reports that a series of apps for tablets and smartphones have been developed just for this purpose. One example is an app called Family Wizard.

Do you and your ex often fight about who paid how much for what kid expense? Fight no more. Instead, you can let an app track all agreements related to money and even the associated payments. Want to make sure your kids’ other parent doesn’t forget an important school event or overlook an orthodontic appointment when it’s his time with the kids? Once again, the app can help by providing a central location for you and your former partner to enter and track all necessary schedules and appointment for your joint children.

To learn more about how you can work with your former spouse to track and manage child-related expenses and payments, please visit the parental financial responsibilities page of our Illinois family law website.


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