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June 2016 Archives

Navigating summer fun with kids after a divorce

Whether you are in the midst of a divorce or have just recently gotten divorced and you have kids still at home, you will learn how challenging the summer break time can be. Many other Illinois parents have had to navigate this time as well and it can be quite different than figuring out how to manage a relatively regular school-year schedule.

Call for fair consideration of dad's rights

Over the years, divorce in Illinois has evolved in many ways. It was not all that long ago that it seemed assumed that mothers would be granted what was then called custody of children. Fathers were relegated to rather limited options for visiting their kids and it was uncommon for them to receive custody unless they could show that the mother was unfit in some way. Fortunately for dad and kids alike that has been changing.

Awareness of how divorce can impact taxes

Illinois residents who know that they will have to split a complex set of assets during a divorce have good reason to be concerned about the financial implications of the division. However, the things to think about are not just related to who gets what in terms of making sure each person receives what may be considered fair. This is because what constitutes fair is not just about the assets but about what taxes may be assessed on things once divided.

What are some signs my spouse is having an affair?

Even the best marriage can be vulnerable to concerns about infidelity. You may even know of friends or family members in Illinois who have been cheated on. Maybe you even know a cheating spouse. But, what happens if you suspect that your own spouse may be having an affair? How can you tell? While there may be no one clearly foolproof way to catch a cheating spouse, there are some things that you may notice that might signal cause for concern.

Documentation needed during a divorce

Are you facing the prospect of a divorce in Illinois? Whether it is your choice, your spouse’s choice or a joint decision to end your marriage, this can be a very upsetting thing. However, despite your emotions, it is highly important that you stay focused on how to best protect yourself in the process. This includes taking stock of your marital estate as you prepare for your property division settlement.