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Call for fair consideration of dad’s rights

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2016 | Family Law |

Over the years, divorce in Illinois has evolved in many ways. It was not all that long ago that it seemed assumed that mothers would be granted what was then called custody of children. Fathers were relegated to rather limited options for visiting their kids and it was uncommon for them to receive custody unless they could show that the mother was unfit in some way. Fortunately for dad and kids alike that has been changing.

Despite the many societal shifts, many dads in Illinois believe that more change is still needed. A recent rally near the courthouse in Lake County saw a group of dads calling for just that. These men are working to try and provide for more parenting opportunities for divorced or separated fathers. A group called Illinois for Paternal Equality organized the event on what they deemed Fatherless Day. Some statistics indicate that over one-fourth of children live without their fathers.

While custody is no longer granted in Illinois, many dads still feel at a disadvantage when divorce proceedings commence. Parental rights are granted along with visitation but men still need to work hard for equal billing in some cases. Public action is a vital way for these dads to make their needs and wishes known.

Men who are getting divorced or even separated from their wives may want to consult with an attorney. Learning more about the state’s laws on parenting and visitation after a divorce can be essential for dads who want to maintain strong ties with their children throughout their lives.

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