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November 2015 Archives

What is a joint simplified dissolution of marriage?

Some divorces in Illinois are initiated by one person while the other person may not originally wish to end the marriage. Other divorces may be agreed to up front by both parties. If you and your spouse have jointly made the decision to get divorced, you may be eligible for what is referred to as a joint simplified dissolution of marriage.

Hidden assets can be an issue in a divorce

When getting divorced, protecting assets can be a major source of stress for Illinois residents. The level of concern can be even higher if one spouse believes that the other person is hiding or not disclosing assets. These situations can and do happen so it is important for people to know what steps to take if this type of activity is suspected.

Surviving the holidays after a split

With November well underway, the holiday season is fast approaching. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is frequently anticipated with much joy and excitement by Illinois residents. When kids are involved, the level of activity and expectation can increase even further. For parents who are celebrating their first holiday season after a divorce, however, many fears may also be accompanying the onset of this busy time.

Protecting your business from loss with a trust

Businesses can be considered marital property, even if they are owned wholly by only one spouse. Many people in Illinois learn this the hard way when getting divorced. They see their hard work eroded away when they must relinquish part of their businesses or pay large sums to their former partners.