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Surviving the holidays after a split

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2015 | Divorce |

With November well underway, the holiday season is fast approaching. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is frequently anticipated with much joy and excitement by Illinois residents. When kids are involved, the level of activity and expectation can increase even further. For parents who are celebrating their first holiday season after a divorce, however, many fears may also be accompanying the onset of this busy time.

There are ways to combat these fears and find how to make a different holiday season an equally rewarding and enjoyable one. Surrounding oneself with other people can often be an integral part of doing just that. This may come in the form of family and friends but it can also include other groups. Participating in a local holiday parade or event, for example, can get people out and about with others rather than home alone.

A post-divorce holiday can be one of the best times for parents to start new traditions with their children. This can be a better path to happy holidays than trying to recreate holidays when the parents were still married. The latter approach often only makes the absence of the other person more apparent and can lead to a disappointing experience. Parents are also encouraged to consciously seek out happiness and adopt a positive attitude about the holidays. Children will feed off of the parent’s energy in these cases.

Navigating a divorce with kids is never easy and that continues once the papers are signed. Working with an experienced attorney through a family divorce can be a helpful way of getting through it all with a positive outcome.

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