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May 2015 Archives

Understanding civil unions

People in Illinois who wish to make a commitment to each other but do not wish to get married can consider entering into a civil union. For some time, these agreements provided same-sex couples with the only opportunity they had to enjoy some sort of legalization of their relationships. Today, however, these couples can choose to get married yet may still feel that a civil union is the better option.

A look at marital contracts in Illinois

Certainly couples in Illinois look forward to a full life together when they choose to get married. That wish, however, does not negate the wish to have appropriate control over one’s assets and future. Prenuptial agreements give future spouses the ability to have the level of control they wish while still planning a lifelong marriage. Postnuptial agreements do much the same thing except for people who have already gotten married. Both documents can identify ways of dividing marital property assets or separate non-marital property from such decision.

A look at college tuition during divorce

A large part of the divorce process for Illinois parents relates to their children. Determinations of child support, parenting time and other financial matters such as extracurricular expenses related to raising a child must be outlined. If children are in high school at the time of a divorce, the thought about how to pay for potential college educations may come to mind but when children are very young, parents may not always think of this at the time. However it is a very important issue.

The basics of paternity in Illinois

It is common for people to hear about child custody determinations in divorce cases but those are not the only times when custody issues can surface. Some people in Illinois may be in situations in which the male parentage of a child is in question or needs to be established. As noted by the state's website,, for people who are married either when a child is conceived or born, the husband is automatically deemed to be the baby's legal father. However, when a baby is born to or conceived by an unwed mother, the establishment of paternity is legally required.

High-asset divorce concerns and considerations

Every divorce case is different and can present a number of unique challenges, but cases involving large amounts of separate and marital property can be especially difficult to resolve. Illinois couples considering the prospect of divorce are often overwhelmed by the many emotional, financial and practical changes to their lives. As a result, some people end up making impulsive and/or uninformed decisions during the divorce process that can have real and lasting consequences on their overall well-being and financial security.