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A look at marital contracts in Illinois

On Behalf of | May 25, 2015 | Prenup |

Certainly couples in Illinois look forward to a full life together when they choose to get married. That wish, however, does not negate the wish to have appropriate control over one’s assets and future. Prenuptial agreements give future spouses the ability to have the level of control they wish while still planning a lifelong marriage. Postnuptial agreements do much the same thing except for people who have already gotten married. Both documents can identify ways of dividing marital property assets or separate non-marital property from such decision.

A prenup can be an area of conflict during a divorce if it was not drafted properly. One issue that can lead to a marital contract being considered invalid is the inclusion of a provision developed without the knowledge of one partner. Forcing one person to agree to a stipulation against his or her will can also result in problems down the road. Following proper procedures when creating these contracts there directly impacts whether or not they can be useful when needed.

Prenuptial agreements are undergoing some changes as their use in pre-planning some elements of a property division are expanding. An ABC News report indicates that more and more couples today are utilizing these contracts as a means of protecting their individual reputations on social media networks. This can be beneficial even when a couple remains married as well as in the event of a divorce. For example

The attorneys at Lois Kulinsky and Associates, Ltd. have helped many Illinois couples create prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and understand what is needed for each.


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