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Illinois child support laws may soon carry felony penalties

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2014 | Child Support |

Many times, outlining the amount of a child support payment is the easy part of the agreement. Actually obtaining the money can prove to be very difficult for many custodial parents in Illinois. There are state regulations in place for child support enforcement, though some lawmakers feel they are too lax. One state representative in particular is pushing for harsher penalties for parents who are regularly delinquent in making payments.

Several states surrounding Illinois take child support delinquency seriously. Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa, for example, enforce felony penalties for either all or specific cases involving serial non-payment. One DuPage County resident notified a state representative about the issue, noting that parents often depend on the money in order to raise their children. The mother said she has spent 15 years trying to recover the payments she is owed.


In light of the issue, the state representative has filed a House bill that would create felony criminal penalties for parents who are financially able to make parents but choose not to. The representative noted that the well-being of the child depends on those payments. The House Judiciary Committee will vote on the bill, which has been dubbed HB 5641.

Enforcing stricter penalties may help many custodial parents receive the money to which they are owed. Individuals currently embattled should seek the help of an attorney who can take the case to a court of family law. A lawyer can help a parent to enforce a child support agreement through pursuing legal ramifications.

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