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Woman claims husband committed fraud to reduce marital property

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2013 | High Asset Divorce |

Readers in Lake County have likely heard it said that money brings out the worst in people. This is often made evident in high end divorce cases. More than fighting over who gets what property interests or assets, in some cases, one or both spouses may use nefarious means to lessen the amount of their soon to be ex’s settlement.

A woman in Florida reportedly claimed recently that her estranged husband took steps to reduce their size of their marital estate in an effort to decrease what she is entitled to in their high asset divorce. According to reports, the woman alleged that her husband had his lawyers fraudulently transfer up to 600,000 shares they owned in Kforce, the company where he is employed as CEO, into trusts for his children from a prior marriage. She also purportedly suggested that her husband, with assistance from his lawyers, had her removed as one of the owners of a religious retreat in New Hampshire by transferring the title to a company that he alone owns.

The woman has reportedly filed an amended petition to her divorce filing to include the accusations. According to reports, she asked for damages from the law firm whose lawyers were allegedly involved in moving the assets, as well as for the asset transfers to be voided.

Especially if there are significant assets involved, if you are considering divorce, it may be of benefit to obtain legal representation. An attorney will look out for your interests throughout the process, as well as be able to address any concerns that you may have.

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