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Parents claim Lake County child support system has failed them

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2013 | Child Support |

In Lake County, as well as in numerous other counties throughout the U.S., the child support system is considered by many to be over-burdened. This, in conjunction with other factors, can make support enforcement difficult. Often parents must go through multiple hearings and still may never see any action on delinquent payments, leaving many feeling wronged by the system.

Both of the parents in a child support case in Lake County feel as though the system has failed them. Although one man initially paid the $700 child support to his ex-wife for his two daughters after their divorce, he admittedly stopped paying after a few years. The man reportedly claims that he has not seen his girls in four years and, due to what he believes is influence from their mother, they will not answer his phone calls. He purportedly feels that he should not be forced to continue to pay child support when he cannot have a relationship with his daughters.

The man’s ex-wife, however, denies having poisoned her daughters against their father. She claims that it is him who caused the rift by not following through with his obligation to pay child support. According to reports, she claims to be owed over $70,000 in back pay. While a judge in Lake County did issue a warrant for the man for failure to pay child support, he lives in Alaska, so it is unlikely that he would be arrested and extradited back to Illinois on what is legally considered a minor offense.

Whether you have been, like the father in this case, ordered to pay child support or, like the mother, are owed child support, you may consider consulting with an attorney. A lawyer can answer your questions and offer advice based on your specific situation.

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