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September 2013 Archives

Tutera and ex-partner split up twins in child custody agreement

Unless the parents already agree, family law judges in Lake County, and elsewhere, help to sort out questions of child custody, visitation and support, among other family legal issues. The arrangements determined and signed off by judges are generally made with the best interest of the child in mind and are meant to ensure that the children are still cared and provided for, even though the parents no longer work as a couple.

Jane Lynch's wife asks for more than $90,000 in monthly alimony

Throughout the course of a couple’s life together, they often will develop a lifestyle and standard of living. In the event a couple divorces, however, their assets and incomes are no longer shared and they may not be able to maintain that particular way of life anymore. When determining the division of assets and whether or not spousal support is in order, family law judges in Lake County, and throughout the U.S., consider the standard of life prior to the divorce, as well as other factors, to make their rulings.

Iverson's ex asks judge to order lump sum child support payment

In Lake County, as well as throughout the U.S., when two parents decide not to raise their child together, they may seek the assistance of a family law court to create a child support agreement. Unless a parent chooses to relinquish their parental rights, they are expected to comply with the court’s order and to help meet the financial needs of raising their child.

"Real Housewife" finalizes divorce from husband, co-star

For couples in Lake County and elsewhere, there is much more to getting a divorce than just the filing. Details, such as division of marital property and assets and determining if spousal support is necessary, must be agreed on by both parties and then approved by a judge. While this process can be arduous for any couple, for a high-profile couple, it can be even more long and drawn out.