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Jane Lynch’s wife asks for more than $90,000 in monthly alimony

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2013 | Alimony |

Throughout the course of a couple’s life together, they often will develop a lifestyle and standard of living. In the event a couple divorces, however, their assets and incomes are no longer shared and they may not be able to maintain that particular way of life anymore. When determining the division of assets and whether or not spousal support is in order, family law judges in Lake County, and throughout the U.S., consider the standard of life prior to the divorce, as well as other factors, to make their rulings.

Since she claims she became accustomed to a certain type of lifestyle during the course of their marriage, actress, Jane Lynch’s soon to be ex-wife has reportedly requested the court order Lynch to pay close to $100,000 per month in alimony. In addition to the pricey spousal support request, it appears that Lynch’s estranged spouse may also be requesting a settlement, which could include her being granted half of the funds from the sale, or sole ownership, of a home she and Lynch renovated together.

It is unknown whether Lynch will acquiesce to her soon to be former wife’s steep alimony request, or if she will seek to pay a lower amount or no spousal support at all. According to reports, the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, so the determination of an alimony order and amount, in addition to the division of properties and assets, will likely fall to a judge.

If you are divorcing and feel your spouse should pay you spousal support, or if your soon to be ex-spouse has requested that you pay them spousal support, it may be beneficial to consult with an experienced attorney. A lawyer can offer advice based on your circumstances and help you to determine how best to proceed.

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