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Finances and divorce: It's not just about the money, honey

When you think about marital strife, a variety of issues may come to mind:  romance (or lack thereof), sex and infidelity, in-laws, how to raise the children. Surprisingly - or perhaps not - the number one issue that most couples fight about - and the one that most often is a good indication of an eventual divorce - is finances.

Uncovering hidden assets takes a little detective work

Would you know if your spouse was hiding assets from you? If you have not taken a lot of interest in your marital finances, it is very possible that he or she has accounts or property of which you may not be aware. If you are going through the divorce process, you may be getting the short end of the stick -- so to speak -- in your final settlement unless you are able to uncover these hidden assets.

Will divorce mediation make my marital split easier?

When you imagine going through a divorce, images of repeated battles over the house and the money may understandably play on the screen in your mind. The reality is that some family law disputes may simply be impossible for you and your spouse to resolve on your own, namely the distribution of assets, child custody or the division of property. When dealing with these types of matters in a contested divorce, divorce mediation can be a helpful solution in Illinois.

Stay-at-home dads, divorce and child custody in Illinois: FAQs

The basic family structure in the United States has changed over the last few decades. Neighborhoods throughout the country no longer have one standard type of family; many different family structures are now accepted and even celebrated.

Divorce for Baby Boomers: Two big retirement questions

Divorce for couples over the age of 50 may not have contentious child custody issues, but legal issues still abound. One of the most important legal issues that these couples must navigate involves the splitting of retirement assets.

What is grey divorce?

The idea of grey divorce, which is defined as divorce in people over 50, is becoming more common today. So many people in that age group have started to divorce their spouses that the grey divorce term was specifically created for that demographic. Between 1990 and 2010, the rate of people in the over-50 age group who were getting divorced actually doubled. There is no indication that this rate will slow down any time soon, so more grey divorces will be seen in the future. It can be difficult financially, hard on adult children, and stressful overall, but it can also be the right thing to do for many people.

Is there such a thing as being too old to divorce?

Many people who have been married for some time stay married not so much because they are satisfied with the relationship, but because they have a real concern over what else they might do. Some fear being alone, and don't know how or if they want to get back into the dating game. Some think they have become too old to take on such a big change. But people often wonder, "Am I too old to get divorced?" The answer is no.

Can social media affect your divorce?

Social media has become a big part of our current culture, but sometimes making your life an open book may not be in your best interests, especially if you are going through a divorce. For some, the walls of social media become an easy place to vent as well as celebrate, But if you are not careful engaging in either on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can prompt investigation by your spouse's attorney and can potentially cause you to lose ground in your own case. These losses can be financial, such as losing access to retirement income or being forced to give up other property or they may even be personal, such as reducing your parenting time with your children.

Why are late-life divorces becoming more common?

With the divorce rate in the U.S. slowly continuing to climb, analysts are examining the situations that lead to divorce and the demographics of the couples that are divorcing. What has been discovered is that more people that have been in long-term marriages are divorcing. There are a variety of reasons that late-life divorces occur, including those listed below.

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