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The facts about alimony in Illinois

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | Alimony |

When people in Illinois plan for the future, they often base their plans on their current situation. For example, a parent may choose to stay home with children, rather than furthering his or her career, based on the fact that he or she is currently financially secure as a result of income from a spouse. However, a divorce often requires a reshuffling of financial plans. For many, alimony may need to be paid to help during the transition. 

In Illinois, judges have a great deal of discretion when it comes to ordering that alimony should be paid. The same can be said for the duration of such payments. There are a variety of different factors that the court will consider when making such a determination.

These factors include the needs, income and property of each spouse. The court will also consider how decisions a spouse made as a result of his or her marriage impacts the person’s present and future earning capacity and any investments a person made to support the other’s education, for example. Other factors include the length of the marriage, the standard of living experienced during the marriage, the condition of each spouse — including their ability to work or find employment — and any agreements that are valid for both people, among others.

For people in Illinois who have sacrificed to benefit their family, causing them to leave the workplace, ensuring adequate financial support can be difficult. Fortunately, alimony can help them get back on their feet as they start their new lives. Ensuring that any resolutions are fair can be facilitated with the assistance of an experienced attorney.


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