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Reality star and estranged husband fight over alimony

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Alimony |

It is sometimes surprising how quickly a person’s circumstances can change. For example, a person who formerly earned a large salary but has recently found him or herself unemployed can struggle financially. In this scenario, a person in Illinois who has previously created a divorce agreement can struggle to meet those terms in his or her new circumstances, including making alimony and child support payments.

This is reportedly the case for the estranged husband of Gina Kirschenheiter, who is featured on the reality television show “Real Housewives of Orange County.” The couple, who were married for eight years, separated in April 2018, according to court documents, and share three children together. Though they briefly reconciled, their romantic relationship reportedly came to an end after the husband, Matt, was arrested for domestic violence; he has not been formally charged in connection with that incident.

Reports indicate that the couple initially agreed that he would pay approximately $10,000 in combined alimony and child support based on the salary and commissions he earned as a financial account manager the year prior to the creation of the agreement. However, he claims he lost his job as a result of his arrest and has been unable to find a new one due to the coverage surrounding their breakup. Additionally, he estimates that Gina makes approximately $10,000 each month between her earnings on the show and money she is paid for endorsements, meaning she makes more money than he does.

When a couple in Illinois and other areas of the country first come to an agreement in their divorce regarding alimony and child support, they likely do so on the basis of the current and past financial situation. Unfortunately, an unexpected job loss or illness could make it difficult for one person to meet the previously agreed upon terms. Because of this, those individuals who find themselves in such a situation often seek guidance from an attorney with experience with matters of family law.


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