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Illinois divorce: Mediation for property division, other issues

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | Property Division |

There are many rights of passage to which people in Illinois and across the country likely look forward — getting married and having children, for example. While it is likely that going through a divorce is something for which no one intends to experience, the fact is that many couples will ultimately come to the determination that it is no longer in their best interests to remain married. Though going through the property division process and other aspects of a divorce has the potential to be contentious and lengthy, many couples are choosing mediation instead, an option that allows them to reduce conflict and potentially begin the next stage of their lives sooner.

Couples who successfully complete the mediation process can move on to the next stage of their lives without having to go before a judge. As part of the process, both spouses meet with a mediator, and the three will negotiate all the terms of the divorce — property division, child support and financial obligations, among others. How many sessions it takes to complete the process depend on the couple’s willingness and ability to create an equitable and fair agreement. 

Unfortunately, mediation may not be for everyone. Couples will need to come together in a spirit of cooperation to make the necessary decisions. If no agreement can be made, they may have to switch to more traditional proceedings. Additionally, mediation may not be an option for cases in which illegal activity is involved. 

There are almost always some negative emotions that are associated with the end of the marriage as couples go through the property division process and make decisions regarding a parenting plan and financial obligations. However, mediation may be an option for some couples as they move toward the next stage of their lives and the adventures that will likely come with it. An experienced professional can exist by helping these couples in Illinois come to the necessary agreements and complete the next stages of the process, including filing the appropriate paperwork with the court.