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Coping with child custody issues when school starts

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | Child Custody |

When many people in Illinois think of divorced couples who must coparent together, they automatically think of a situation that is filled with contention and anger. However, many parents are able to put aside their personal animosities and work together to support their children. Often, there are certain measures that parents can take to help ease child custody related issues, especially those that arise when children go back to school.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a workable coparenting situation is adequate communication between both parents. As both will likely be interested in grade updates and extracurricular activities, one option is to create a joint email account to which both parents have access. Doing so can help both parents stay informed about sports schedules and other issues relating to their children and can facilitate the creation of a shareable calendar.

A source of contention for some parents is who will be responsible for certain expenses. This can be avoided by clearly spelling out in a divorce agreement who will be responsible for what expenses and how reimbursements will be managed. One family law attorney suggests creating a joint banking account to be used for expenses related to the children. Once those funds run out, then each individual parent is responsible for determining if he or she is willing to undertake a certain expense for the child.

Because it can be difficult to modify a child custody agreement once created, ensuring that all scenarios are addressed in the original documents is important. An attorney with experience with creating such agreements in Illinois can help ensure that all relevant issues are discussed and addressed. However, if changes are needed, it is prudent to make sure those changes are in writing, even in situations in which both parents are willing to work together amicably.


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