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State representative seeks alimony modification

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Alimony |

As many people in Illinois have likely experienced, a person’s circumstances can quickly change. For example, a person recently divorced may require alimony if he or she gave up his or her career to support a spouse or children. On the other hand, a person ordered to pay it could experience a change in circumstances that could make it difficult to meet such an obligation.

In fact, a representative for another state has recently requested modification in the amount of alimony that he is required to pay. Reports indicate that, at the time of the man’s divorce in Sept. 2017, he worked as an animal pharmaceutical salesman for Merck, a job that he held since Sept. 2012. As part of the divorce, he was ordered to pay his ex-wife $4,000 each month.

A representative for the man claims he resigned from the position in May 2019. His resignation reportedly came as a result of the man’s inability to perform both jobs — presumably for Merck and a state representative — though the change is believed to have come as a result of a larger scandal. According to court papers, he does not anticipate finding another job due to his age and other factors.

Like people in Illinois have experienced, the man is citing a change in alimony as a result of a “substantial and material change in circumstances.” A representative for the man’s former wife has requested that the court reject the man’s petition because he failed to follow proper procedure. In a dispute such as this, both parties likely want an attorney with experience with such cases to carefully examine the details of their case and help them fully understand their options.


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