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Child custody: Mother allegedly said $1 million will help her

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Child Custody |

Rap music fans in Illinois and throughout the country mourned the death of super star Nipsey Hussle when he was shot outside a clothing store he owned. The rapper/philanthropist was the father of two children, one of whom is the central focus of a contentious child custody battle. The court will soon decide whether the child should be placed under legal guardianship of her paternal aunt or be placed in the custody of her mother.

Cases like this can be quite complex, especially when one party accuses another of being an unfit parent. That is basically what is happening in the Hussle child’s situation. Her aunt and other relatives on her father’s side have told the court they believe her mother’s criminal rap sheet is evidence that she is not currently able to provide proper care for her daughter.

The child’s mother reportedly said that she believes she will be able to provide a more stable environment once her daughter receives an expected $1 million inheritance from her late father’s estate. Another million will go to the child’s brother, but their father never signed a will, so his estate is being evenly split between his two children. Hussle’s sister and other family members have told the court they merely want what is best for the late rapper’s daughter; they also offered to provide the means for the child’s mother to enter a substance abuse program and to arrange a visitation schedule so she can still see her daughter while she’s getting her life together.

As in all child custody litigation in Illinois or elsewhere, the court will make a final decision at its own discretion after considering all evidence and pertinent facts in the case. Any man or woman currently concerned about a particular situation may request consultation with a family law attorney. Having an experienced attorney by one’s side in court often increases the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.


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