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Woman awarded $150K decades after missed child support

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Child Support |

It is not easy being a parent in Illinois, especially when the responsibility of raising a child falls onto the shoulders of one person. Unfortunately, a woman in another state claims that she raised her young daughter with no help from her ex-husband. Though decades have passed, she recently sought the child support payments she says he failed to pay when their daughter was a child.

According to the woman, her ex-husband was ordered to pay her approximately $160 a month in child support payments. However, she claims that instead of doing so, he fled the country and left her to raise their daughter on her own. She was able to do so by working at an interior design firm.

Since the woman, now 74, retired, she claims that money is tight, forcing her to rent out a portion of her home. Upon realizing that there is no statute of limitations for child support in California, where she lives, she decided to seek the money — reportedly around $170,000 due to interest — from her ex-husband, who returned to the country in intervening years. The pair reportedly recently agreed to a $150,000 settlement.

Issues surrounding child support matters can be complex. As a result, people in Illinois often want an attorney with experience with family law to help them as they negotiate a fair amount or attempt to enforce an existing court order. In some cases, a parent who finds him or herself unable to pay due to a significant change in circumstances may need assistance requesting a modification.


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