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In some circles, a high asset divorce draws much speculation

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | High Asset Divorce |

The lives of the super wealthy attract the attention and curiosity of those on the outside. When news of a pending high asset divorce is announced by couples who are regarded as celebrities, social media erupts in speculation as to the reasons and how much it might cost each partner. Illinois residents who may be facing this process likely have similar concerns.

One recent high-profile divorce was the split between Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, and his wife, MacKenzie. Both the news media and social networks endlessly speculated over how the couple’s vast wealth would be divided. In the end, the former Mrs. Bezos consented to a split that permits the company to continue operations without interruptions. The question that many ask is, what led to the dissolution?

In the majority of the recent high-profile divorces, accusations of marital infidelity play a major role. In several divorce cases featuring high-net-worth couples, either one or the other spouse was reportedly engaged in an extra-marital affair that purportedly spurred the offended spouse to file for divorce. In many of these cases, both partners either worked out an agreement each felt represented an equitable share of the marital assets or the matter was settled by the courts. Several couples had accumulated expansive collections of art or other valuables that were either sold and the proceeds divided, or were divided in the manner that the courts decided was appropriate.

The majority of Illinois residents who are contemplating filing for a high asset divorce will not face the media scrutiny. There are many important matters that must be settled during a dissolution, with the division of marital assets being one of the most important. The guidance of any attorney who is skilled in these types of proceedings can assure one that his or her financial well-being will be protected.


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