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Enforcing or modifying an Illinois child custody or support order

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Child Custody |

Parents in Illinois often struggle with differing parenting philosophies when they are still in a romantic relationship. If that relationship ends, it is often even more difficult to agree on what is in the best interests of the children. As such, the courts often have to step in and make a child custody or support decision.

The orders issued by the court must be followed, or the parent may face additional action. However, an order can be modified in the event of a significant change of circumstances. In Illinois, this could include a change in income, work schedule or a remarriage. The need to relocate often results in additional action as parents are not allowed to move a child out of state without a court order. Additionally, if parents left a certain issue undecided in their original agreement — such as details regarding the costs of college education — that may need to be revisited.

Unfortunately, it may also become necessary to take enforcement action under certain circumstances. Such action can follow a variety of different circumstances. These include failure to make child support payments or follow a parenting agreement, a lapse of medical insurance, or failure to pay college expenses.

Modifications and enforcement issues related to child custody or support issues can seem overwhelmingly complicated for both parties. As a result, many parents in Illinois turn to the law firm of Kulinsky & Associates Ltd for guidance. Our attorneys have have over 20 years of combined experience helping parents ensure that the best interests of their children are being met.


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