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Low conflict resolutions to child custody, divorce issues

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Child Custody |

When divorce is portrayed in movies and television, it is often a dramatic hearing in a courtroom. While such a scenario does happen in Illinois in real life, litigation can ultimately complicate the process of creating a child custody plan and settling other divorce-related issues. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the conflict in such proceedings.

When two people end their romantic relationship, they will continue to be linked if they have children together. While many people may think that litigation is the only option to settle such questions, the process often requires a person to attempt to provide potentially damaging information about their spouse. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for parents to co-parent together in the future.

Fortunately, parents have options other than litigation. For example, some choose to go through mediation. In this situation, a neutral mediator is used, though each spouse can have separate legal representation. Another option is a collaborative divorce. In this approach, the couple agrees not to use litigation as they work with an interdisciplinary team to settle questions regarding child custody and other divorce-related questions.

Because settling child custody and other related issues through these alternative methods can decrease the negativity of such a situation, the process can ultimately be easier on children because their parents may potentially experience less conflict. Additionally, these methods are often more cost effective when compared to litigation. To fully understand the options available to them, many people in Illinois considering a divorce choose to consult with an experienced attorney who can ensure that they are fully informed.


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