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Managing a new school year after a child custody change

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2018 | Child Custody |

The first year or two after a divorce can be tricky for everyone involved, but kids are placed in an especially awkward position. For Illinois families struggling to settle into a new child custody routine, a new school year can be a challenge. These tips can help make this time of transition a bit easier for all parties.

Whenever possible, parents should try to work together for the good of their shared child. That’s sometimes easier said than done, especially when nerves are still raw after a custody dispute. But children thrive on structure, and when both parents continue to show up for school events and coordinate about after-school activities, things seem more normal to kids of all ages.

It’s also important to discuss how extra expenses are to be handled. The big items were probably covered in the divorce agreement, but any parent knows that kids are expensive, and the school year can bring unexpected costs. Working together to address how these expenses will be managed helps children know how to manage their own expectations when it comes to expensive field trips, sports activities and other matters.

Sharing a calendar is also a good way to foster a positive co-parenting relationship. Scheduling gets crazy as kids get into the higher grade levels, and using a shared online calendar is a great way to ensure that both families remain informed about activities and performances. By making an effort to work together after a child custody change, many Illinois parents can avoid much of the contention that often follows a divorce.


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