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Could high asset divorce be contagious among friends and family?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

According to researchers from leading universities, spouses are 75 percent more likely to end their marriage if a close friend or family member does the same. That sobering statistic may give some Illinois spouses pause. It turns out that in some ways, high asset divorce might be contagious within familial or social circles.

Researchers believe that when a person watches a friend or family member end a marriage, a very one-sided picture emerges. Because many people want to portray only the positive elements of their life, they might focus on all of the things they’ve gained by their divorce. Freedom to pursue personal interests, the excitement of dating, and in many cases, a solid financial foundation can seem very appealing to someone who is stuck in his or her own troubled marriage.

That can make it easier to lean toward pulling the plug rather than trying to improve the marriage. The “grass is greener” mentality is often part of a spouse’s decision to move forward with divorce. Of course, there are plenty of instances where ending a marriage is the absolute best choice, and where watching a friend navigate that process gives a spouse the confidence to make changes in one’s own life.

For those Illinois spouses who are considering a high asset divorce, the best way to make an informed decision is not based on the experience of friends and family, but after consulting with a divorce attorney. Preparation is key to a fair and favorable divorce outcome. That’s true no matter what prompted the decision to end a marriage.


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