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Home improvement tv star facing child custody challenge

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Child Custody |

Some Illinois readers will be familiar with the work of Nicole Curtis, who stars on the home improvement reality tv show “Rehab Addict.” Curtis has been involved in a lengthy child custody battle with her former partner, a businessman named Shane Maguire. In a recent filing, Maguire asked the court to grant him sole custody of their nearly 3-year-old son.

In making that request, Maguire claims that Curtis is not a fit parent. Specifically, he asserts that Curtis refuses to take the steps needed to ensure that he maintains a strong bond with their son. He points to an incident on Father’s Day when he claims he had to drive to several locations over more than two hours in order to locate his son and pick him up for a scheduled visit.

Curtis is still breastfeeding the child, although she is allowing him to “self-wean” and is not breastfeeding on a daily basis. The boy’s breastfeeding schedule was the subject of previous custody arrangements. Curtis is currently dividing her time between Los Angeles where her show is filmed and Michigan, the state where the boy’s father lives.

As this case moves forward, the court will take a close look at how Curtis has handled the existing custody agreement. If the court finds she has intentionally prevented her son from spending time with his father, a change could be made. Whether or not sole child custody would be the end result remains to be seen. Illinois fans of “Rehab Addict” will likely learn more about the former couple’s struggles as the matter moves through the court system.


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