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Spy games and divorce: How you can protect yourself

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2018 | Divorce |

Divorce requires that two parties separate the shared aspects of their lives, which includes everything from marital property to bank accounts. In our technology-driven world, it could also require that the two parties spilt the online life they shared as well. Many Illinois couples have joint Facebook accounts, joint email accounts and other shared profiles, and it can be quite complex when the relationship is over.

In some cases, one party may feel the temptation to use spyware on these shared accounts to spy on his or her soon-to-be ex-spouse. This could lead to more complications in the divorce and to illegally obtaining information. If you and your spouse’s online lives intertwine or you suspect spying, you may find it beneficial to seek help regarding how you can better protect your information and interests during a divorce.

How you can protect yourself

When divorce becomes a possibility or something you are certain will happen at some point in the future, it’s wise to start taking the appropriate steps to protect yourself. You may find the following helpful:

  • If you and your spouse share an email account, it is beneficial to go ahead and get your own account as soon as possible.
  • It may be prudent to change passwords and save any information that you believe is important.
  • Make sure that you log out of any devices that you currently share or that he or she could have access to.
  • It might be beneficial to change the answers to security questions on important accounts.

There have been cases where spouses have actually installed spyware in cellphones and used other questionable methods to gather information they think could be useful during their divorce. Installing spyware secretively likely violates both state and federal laws, regardless of the reason. If you believe that your spouse is spying on you, it is important to take quick action to protect yourself.

Pursuit of your best interests post-divorce

Whether you believe your spouse is violating your right to privacy or you are tempted to resort to spyware or other means, it is smart to first reach out for help. With knowledgeable guidance, you may pursue specific goals without compromising your interests or rights.

When divorcing, remember to take the appropriate steps to protect your online life and important information stored in shared accounts. In some cases, these issues could be as important as getting a fair property division agreement. When there is much at stake, such as your post-divorce future, you have no time to lose in seeking a full understanding of your rights and options.


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