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Proposed changes to child custody standards

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | Child Custody |

Every other weekend and two to four weeks during the summer seems to be the traditional custody arrangement when Illinois parents divorce. For many families, this arrangement appears to work. However, others believe that a 50/50 shared child custody is better for all involved.

One group, Illinois Fathers for Equality (IFFF), has proposed legislation that would change the landscape of the traditional child custody arrangement. The proposal suggests that the standard arrangement should be 50/50. Under normal circumstances, this would be the presumed agreement; however, this proposal does take into account the fact that some are not fit parents and an exception should be made in those circumstances.

The catalyst behind this proposal is the belief that this proposed shared custody is in the best interest of the child. Research indicates that in most cases, when the child has both parents as active participants in his or her life, the child is less likely to participate in risky behaviors. The 50/50 shared custody arrangement makes it more likely that both parents will remain active participants in the child’s life.

In addition, to this Illinois group, similar groups in approximately half of the states within the country are suggesting similar changes to the current child custody standard. For some families, the current standard is what is best for the child and thus the appropriate option; in other families, the proposed 50/50 shared arrangement is what is best for the child. Experienced legal counsel can help the parent analyze the situation, determine what type of arrangement is best, and present the agreement to concerned parties as well as the Illinois court.

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