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Concerning child custody decisions may weigh heavily on parents

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2017 | Child Custody |

There are many instances in which the biological parents of a child could face complications when it comes to custody. Some cases may be more unusual than others, but because children are involved, most child custody cases have a tendency to be sensitive situations. When the court must rule on custody arrangements, some outcomes may give cause for concern.

Illinois residents may be interested in such a situation that took place in a nearby state. Reports indicated that the biological father of a 9-year-old boy had been granted joint custody of the child by a family court judge. However, after signing the paternity petition, the judge discovered that the child had been conceived after the man raped the boy’s mother when she was only 12 years old.

The decision for joint custody led to considerable dismay from the public. As a result, the judge reviewed the case and rescinded the custody order. The judge stated that when he initially looked over the paternity petition documents nothing seemed out of the ordinary, which led to his original decision. It was noted that procedures for coming to such decisions will now go under review.

It is understandable that parents feel protective of their children, and when a chance exists that a dangerous or unfit parent could be awarded some sort of custody, many parents may feel the need to fight against such outcomes. If Illinois parents have concerns about their child custody situations, they may wish to find out more information on their options. Speaking with knowledgeable attorneys could help those interested parties obtain reliable facts.

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