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Property division may be complicated without an attorney

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | Property Division |

Illinois residents who are contemplating divorce have a lot to think about. One of the main considerations to make is in regard to property division. Depending on the couple’s finances, this may be complex. Fortunately, divorce attorneys can help individuals determine how best to divide assets fairly.

When couples get divorced, they often worry about the bigger assets first. These typically include items such as the house or the car, as well as discussing spousal or child support. However, other aspects may be overlooked due to the complexities involved in dividing them. Some of these types of assets could include retirement plans, stocks and compensation earned during the marriage.

There may be several different ways these assets can be split. One aspect to consider is current employment, as one spouse may have a stronger employment history and salary. This would allow them to rebuild savings easier and faster than the other. Another factor that may affect how property is divided is the tax implications involved. Planning out factors like these could help ensure that a spouse does not lose money or assets they are entitled to.

Because divorces can be so complex when it comes to property division, individuals often choose to consult experienced divorce attorneys to aid in the process. An experienced Illinois attorney can help individuals who are seeking a divorce by assessing their circumstances to determine the best approach to equitably dividing assets and finances. Additionally, an attorney could provide guidance and support throughout any related future legal proceedings a client may face.

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