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Back child support and the Passport Denial Program

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2017 | Child Support |

Those who are unable to pay child support may face various consequences, some of which can completely upend life. In Wheeling, and cities throughout Illinois, back child support can result in steep financial penalties and arrest. Moreover, unpaid child support could leave a non-custodial parent unable to use his or her passport if they wish to leave the country. For those who are passionate about travel or need to head overseas for business, this is often devastating.

According to the Office of Child Support Enforcement, non-custodial parents who have back child support in excess of $2,500 are entered into the Passport Denial Program, which bars them from using their passports or having their passport applications approved. Moreover, it is vital for parents who have found themselves in this position to understand that it may take a certain amount of time for them to have these restrictions removed, even after they have paid the child support they owe.

According to the Department of State, passport applicants with over $2,500 in delinquent child support should arrange a payment plan in their state prior to applying for a passport. Furthermore, it can take between two and three weeks after payment arrangements are set up untll their application is processed.

Because the consequences of back child support are so serious, non-custodial parents who are unable to make payments on time should take a look at every option. In some cases, modifying a child support order is possible, which can help parents who are struggling with child support payments after a major life change.


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