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September 2016 Archives

Jolie-Pitt custody request brings attention to age and impact

Child custody is often the catalyst for issues during divorce procedures in Illinois. This is also true when it comes to high-profile divorces, like the one between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. According to ABC News, Jolie, who filed for the divorce, is not asking for any child support. Instead, her divorce petition focuses on custody of their six children.

Protecting your non-marital property during a divorce

During a divorce, many people in Illinois discover that possessions they thought were personal will still be shared with a spouse when the judge is deciding who will get what. According to the Illinois General Assembly, anything that was bought or obtained by either spouse during a marriage is considered marital property, while non-marital property typically refers to assets obtained before the marriage. However, there are some exceptions that change the status of property acquired both before and after a marriage.

Divorce for Baby Boomers: Two big retirement questions

Divorce for couples over the age of 50 may not have contentious child custody issues, but legal issues still abound. One of the most important legal issues that these couples must navigate involves the splitting of retirement assets.

Driver’s license suspension for nonpayment of child support

There are many consequences that people in Lake County face if they fall behind on their child support responsibilities, or they simply choose not to pay them. One of these is the loss of driving privileges. The Illinois General Assembly states that suspension of a driver’s license for the nonpayment of child support can occur once the Secretary of State receives notification.

Making sense of alimony in Illinois

Alimony is often granted in divorce cases as a way to compensate the spouse who earns the lowest wages. It is considered a form of support, which is why in Illinois it is now referred to as spousal support instead of alimony. The idea is to help ensure a continuation in the standard of living that was enjoyed during the marriage.

Parental abduction explained

One of the biggest concerns that some parents in Illinois may have is parental abduction. This can occur for a number of reasons but if it does happen, it can leave the other parent in a state of turmoil and fear over the child’s safety. Therefore, it is important for all parents to understand what it is, so they can prevent it from happening.