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April 2016 Archives

Three facts about divorce today

Divorce is not a new thing. Certainly most people in Illinois know people who have gotten divorced and many have been personally involved in a divorce either as the spouse or the child. However, despite that, there still remain many beliefs about divorce in America today that are not necessarily true. How well do you know what divorce is really like? If you are facing a divorce yourself, it will be helpful for you to have an updated view on this topic.

How to make a stepfamily work

If you have gotten or are getting a divorce in Illinois, getting remarried someday opens up new concerns. You may become the stepparent to one or more of someone else’s children. If you have your own children, they will then become someone else’s stepchildren. These relationships can be successful but they can also put a lot of strain on a marriage. Knowing that remarriages have a lower risk of success than first marriages, what can you do to increase the odds in your favor?

Deciding when to file bankruptcy if getting divorced

It is a known fact that money and financial challenges are commonly at the heart of many marital arguments and may even be significant contributors in many Illinois divorces. Couples who face serious problems with finances may consider also filing for divorce as they get divorced. However, knowing whether to file for bankruptcy first and then divorce or vice versa is not always easy. My Horizon Today explains that there are several factors to review before making this decision.

Do credit scores matter in a divorce?

If you are getting divorced in Illinois, you may understandably feel overwhelmed with all of the things you have to take care of. Perhaps you are moving to a new place to live. Maybe your spouse has moved out and you need to revamp your home. If you have children, you are likely facing changes in parenting and managing their emotional needs. Your financial picture may also be changing dramatically. Now is the time to take action and work to manage this before it hurts you.