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March 2016 Archives

How does a divorce impact estate planning?

If you are in the midst of a divorce or have recently gotten divorced in Illinois, you know that no aspect of your life is left untouched in the process. Where you live, how often and when you see your kids, how much money you have to live on each month and more are all changed. As you work hard to accommodate for all of these shifts, how much time have you given to your future plans? Have you considered a revision of your estate plan? If you don’t have any estate planning in place, have you thought about setting it up?

Establishing parentage in non-traditional families

If you are an Illinois resident who has had or is looking to have a child, you have more options today that many previous generations could ever have imagined. Medical advances in reproductive technology have opened up the world of parentage to single parents, couples impacted by infertility or disease, same-sex couples and more. While there may many wonderful benefits to this for families around the country, the American Bar Association explains that the legal system has not necessarily kept pace with these changes.