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February 2016 Archives

Items covered by child support in Illinois

Like many parents in Illinois, you may find understanding what child support payments cover and what they do not cover can be confusing. When not well understood, this may lead to additional conflict between you and your former spouse if each person has different expectations and beliefs.

No more custody or visitation in Illinois

Understanding the laws when getting divorced, especially when minor children are involved is important for Illinois parents. Historically, courts had to identify which parent would have what type of custody. This determined which parental house would be considered the primary residence for the children and when the kids would see the other parent. It also determined which parent had the right to make what types of decisions on behalf of the children.

What are divorced Social Security benefits?

Getting divorced may pose many unique questions and situations for Illinois residents to deal with. During a divorce, an emphasis is commonly placed on things like how to split current assets or who will get custody of the children. Other issues are not as in the forefront of you or your spouse’s minds at the time. Social security benefits for divorced persons may be one of those things.