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January 2016 Archives

Paying for kids’ college after a divorce

For Illinois parents who get divorced when their children are very young, the thought of paying for college can seem so far away. In many cases, this may even be overlooked during the original divorce settlement process. When the time comes for children to begin their college searches and choosing where they would like to go to school, the logical question about which parent should pay what has to be asked.

Is joint physical custody always best for kids?

If you and your husband or wife are getting divorced and trying to work out arrangements for your joint children, you will have many decisions to make regarding custody. Some decisions may be made by you and your former spouse and others may be made by the court depending upon the situation. The philosophy of sharing custody between both parents has become more popular but is that always the best thing?

Valuing stock assets in a divorce

If you are an Illinois spouse who is getting divorced, there are many things you need to know when it comes time to discuss your marital property portfolio. Many assets are easy to identify as joint property. Determining the value of things in shifting market conditions, such as homes or other real property, can be challenging. Even more challenging may be the determination of business interested such as restricted stock or stock options.

How age may impact divorce

When a couple gets married in Illinois, there is always some chance no matter how slight that they could someday get divorced. Many things can factor into whether or not a couple remains married for life or whether they part ways before that happens. Researchers have followed marriage and divorce trends for some time and evaluated different factors that influence the health of a marriage or its risk of divorce.