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December 2015 Archives

How non-payment of child support is handled

If you are an Illinois parent who is divorced or is getting divorced, understanding how child support payments work and are enforced is important for you. The amount of money that can be required to be paid is typically determined by a formula based upon the paying parent’s income and the number of children. But, what happens when the person required to make child support payments fails to do so?

What is the first right of refusal in Illinois?

Determining child custody and associated parenting time plans can be incredibly difficult for parents when getting divorced in Illinois. This process brings you face-to-face with the realization of how much time with your children you will be giving up. Once the plans are set in place and approved via the court, there are some circumstances in which they may fluctuate.

Why couples get divorced

When getting divorced, Illinois residents understandably get very focused on the logistics of a divorce. Topics like who will get what assets, how debts will be split, what the child custody and parenting time agreement will be and then some become of primary concern. It can be beneficial, however, for spouses to reflect on the reasons for a divorce. Doing so can provide important personal growth and may even help if a future remarriage occurs.

Valuing fine art in a divorce

Difficulty in agreeing to property division settlements can often be the reason that many Illinois divorces extend out over long periods of time. The presence of a significant asset portfolio can make things even more complicated. It can be a challenge to obtain accurate values on some items such as jewelry or artwork. How do you appropriately identify the worth of your art pieces and determine which spouse will receive which item?

All divorces to be based upon irreconcilable differences

A new year is just around the corner and with that commonly comes new laws. That is true for Illinois this year where the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution Act is getting an overhaul. Left unchanged for the past 38 years, updates to this legislation will change the way that couples in Illinois can approach getting divorced.