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September 2015 Archives

Why prenups are gaining popularity among Millennials

If you are engaged to be married, you and your spouse-to-be understandably have many decisions to make. Certainly many of those decisions will be about your actual wedding day and your honeymoon. However, it is important that you do not put the wedding in the center of everything and ignore your marriage. It is the latter that will—ideally—last a lifetime whereas a wedding is just one day. Despite the unromantic sound of it, talking about a prenuptial agreement is wise for any couple.

Pets as property in divorce cases

Illinois residents who end their marriages have to struggle with many difficult issues. From personal belongings to residences and financial assets to time with one’s children, the losses can be innumerable. Families with pets can add one more potential loss to their lists. Determining who will keep a pet and who will lose that valuable relationship is not easy.

How can I effectively co-parent after my divorce?

As an Illinois spouse who must experience a divorce when you still have children living at home, you know all too well that your divorce is not really final just because you have signed a settlement. Your child custody agreement and visitation schedule will be helpful in setting some parameters for how to balance parenting with a former spouse. However, these documents alone cannot really do the job for you. Effective co-parenting is a skill that requires great commitment on the part of both parents and a shared vision to work for the best interests of the child.

Determining who pays alimony

Alimony payments can be difficult to deal with and keep track of. Many consider it extra stress that is added on top of an already stressful divorce situation. However, it is still an important part of divorce and deserves attention and understanding.

High-asset divorce issues

People in Illinois who have made the decision to end their marriages have good reason to be concerned about their financial futures. A divorce can negatively impact people financially. This is true in any situation but for people with significant assets or income, the potential losses can be extremely high. A complex asset division dispute may involve many different elements and require input from specialists in select areas.