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Understanding post decree modifications

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2015 | Divorce |

Even the most amicable divorce in Illinois can be emotionally draining and take a long time to finalize. Once the final paperwork has been signed and all documents have been approved by the court, most spouses are logically pleased to be what they consider done with the divorce issues and process. In some cases, this can happen but there are times when situations require further changes or assistance with a divorce decree. An alimony modification, for example, can be one thing you or your former spouse may seek.

There are many different factors that can initiate a reasonable need for a post decree modification. A new marriage or job may necessitate a different visitation schedule for your children. This may also require revisiting any associated child support award. These types of decisions can occur for parents who were never married but have established paternity and entered into support agreements.

If a legal obligation pursuant to your divorce decree is not being met, you may be helped through a modification. This includes the lack of paying spousal support or child support as ordered. Some divorce settlements outline provisions that require one party to provide health insurance for the children, to pay college tuition or other higher education expenses, to update life insurance beneficiaries or to transfer retirement account funds. If these provisions are not adhered to, seeking a modification can be necessary.

At Lois Kulinsky and Associates, Ltd. we have many years of experience helping to guide Illinois residents through the process of modifying original divorce decrees to align with changing circumstances and needs.







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